Elected to City Council in 2013, Ricardo is serving his second term.  He was Mayor in 2017. A graduate of the University of California, San Diego, he has spent his whole professional career in banking.


Ricardo and his wife Lauren moved to Burlingame in 1993 shortly before the birth of their oldest child. In 1998, they moved to Ray Park when they were notified of construction of a large multi-family project directly behind their charming two-bedroom on Oak Grove.


Ricardo's three children went through our Burlingame schools and two are now college graduates back in the Bay Area. Prior to joining the Council, he was very active in many community organizations:


Treasurer/Coach/Referee-Burlingame AYSO

Treasurer-Burlingame Community for Education

Treasurer-Burlingame Rotary Club

Chair-Measure A Bond Oversight Committee-Burlingame School District


Currently Ricardo serves in the following regional bodies:


Board Member-Central County Fire Department

Chair-Airport Land Use Committee

Member-City/County Association of Governments

Vice Chair-SFO Airport/Community Roundtable


Top Issues

The housing shortage has placed a lot of pressure on cities to allow ever more high-rise high-density developments. We need to maintain a balance between allowing new projects but maintaining our small-town feel. We are part of a large metropolitan area with some of the highest land values in the world and high density is the only way to create low-cost housing to accommodate our city and school employees. This development must be sensitive as it transitions to residential areas.

Fiscal Responsibility

Our sources of revenue are subject to the variations of the business cycle and therefore we must be mindful as we approve any new expenditures. The City's reserves are very strong but we have over $100 million in much-needed infrastructure upgrades.


The City needs to continue with its close collaboration with our elementary school district. The recent negotiations should form a solid base to build our partnership further. Our schools remain the biggest factor attracting families to Burlingame.


We have many, many projects in different stages of completion. Our Community Center was built during World War II and is inadequate for the demands of today's programs. The biggest issue is the total absence of parking for seniors and children. Our town deserves much better. The Broadway interchange is almost finished but traffic will continue to be a problem until the railroad crossing is replaced. This is a large project that will require that we are ready when the next round of funding becomes available. The Public Works Department is moving forward with design and engineering.